Government Bureaucrats Say Trump Is Making Them Drink More Booze


ㅤ”Various government workers workers told Politico that the stress of working for President Donald Trump’s administration has ruined their dating lives and often caused them to turn to liquor for comfort. Dozens of these employees reported to Politico that the advent of Trump had forever changed their lives.”

ㅤô¿ô …Poor me. Pour me another drink. This is just an excuse from run-of-the-mill alcoholics. The author of this story is a fool. Fire the entire lot of them.

Full story at The Daily Caller, image from youtube(.com) – 3/30/18. Tags: trump administration, white house. 𑗉

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Kelly tries to reassure White House staffers of no more personnel moves for now


ㅤ”In the wake of Mr. Trump’s firing of Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson on Tuesday, there have been numerous reporters of other staffing changes afoot, including national security adviser H.R. McMcMaster and Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin.
ㅤThe President himself has said in recent days that there will always be change in his administration, and that he’s still contemplating more moves.”

Full story at The Washington Times, image from marfeel(.com) – 3/16/18.ㅤTags: john kelly, kelly, trump administration, white house, h.r. mcmcmaster.

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‘As Early As Friday’ — Major White House Staff Shakeup Reportedly May Come Soon


ㅤ”The New York Times’ Michael Shear and Maggie Haberman report that John Kelly and H.R. McMaster are both ‘on thin ice.’
ㅤAttorney General Jeff Sessions and Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson were also mentioned in the article. The Times reports, ‘Mr. Trump could act as early as Friday to remove one or more of them, though the President is known to enjoy keeping people off kilter.'”

Full story at The Daily Caller, image from ijr(.com) – 3/15/18.ㅤTags: trump administration, white house.

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White House on lockdown after car strikes security barrier


ㅤ”White House staff were on lockdown Friday afternoon after a car struck a security barrier near the complex. The Secret Service said a female driver had been apprehended after her car struck — but did not breach — a security barrier at a corner near Pennsylvania Ave. The Secret Service said no law enforcement personnel were injured in the incident.”

Full story at The Hill, image from thehill(.com) – 2/23/18.ㅤTags: trump administration, white house.

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Trump considering adding work requirements for people in federally subsidized housing: report


ㅤ”The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) would allow public housing authorities and private owners to require each adult in a household to work up to an average of 32 hours a week.
ㅤThe elderly and disabled — who make up 55 percent of those receiving federal housing aid — would be exempt from the requirements. Another 26 percent of those receiving assistance are already working, NBC News reported Tuesday.”

Full story at The Hill, image from sinclairstoryline(.com) – 2/6/18.ㅤTags: trump administration, hud, work requirements.

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Read the White House summary of its immigration plan

Full story at The Washington Examiner, image from (tags border patrol, border security, border wall, dhs, immigrants, immigration, immigration reform, mass migration, migrants, national security, trump administration, white house) – 1/25/18

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Trump waives dozens of environmental rules to speed up construction of border wall


ㅤ”The waiver excludes rules from major laws including the National Environment Policy Act, the Endangered Species Act, the Clean Water Act, the National Historic Preservation Act and the Antiquities Act, among others.
ㅤThe notice claims that the ‘El Paso Sector is an area of high illegal entry,’ citing its proximity to the city of Ciudad of Juarez, and will allow for vehicle barriers to be replaced with bollard wall for 20 miles on the border.”

Full story at The Hill, image from (tags trump administration, white house, kirsten nielsen, nielsen, homeland security) – 1/22/18

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Trump imposes tariffs on solar panels


ㅤ”The first 2.5 gigawatts of imported solar cells will be exempt from the tariffs.
ㅤThe International Trade Commission had urged President Trump to apply tariffs, ruling U.S. solar panel manufacturers are being harmed by cheap imports from China and Southeast Asia. It had recommended in October a tariff of on solar cells of about 30 percent and a tariff on solar panels between 10 percent and 35 percent. Those duties would decline over a four-year period.
ㅤAbout 95 percent of the solar cells and panels sold in the U.S. are made abroad, with most coming from China, Malaysia and the Philippines, according to SPV Market Research.”

Full story at The Washington Examiner, image from (tags trump administration, white house, solar panels, china) – 1/22/18

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Trump opens door for states to defund Planned Parenthood


ㅤ”The administration is putting out a new regulation Friday that details the 25 areas that deal with conscience and religious freedom. The statutory provisions are in federal law, but ‘in previous years weren’t enforced at all,’ said Roger Severino, director of the Office of Civil Rights. ‘The statutes we are talking about focus on actions that providers say they cannot do in good conscience.’ He gave examples of abortion and assisted suicide.
ㅤSeverino said that the word is out that religious liberty complaints are being heard. He said that so far this year HHS has received 34 complaints from healthcare providers. This was compared to the prior average of 1.25 complaints per year.
ㅤ’We opened the doors and that we will actually take your complaints seriously,’ Severino said.'”

Full story at The Washington Examiner, image from (tags abortion empire, obama administration, obama years, obama-era, planned parenthood, pro-choice, trump administration, white house, medicaid) – 1/19/18

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Trump plans new protections for health workers who refuse to perform abortions, treat transgender patients: report

ㅤ”The White House is reviewing a new rule that would empower the office in charge of civil rights at the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to protect health workers who have moral objections to performing abortions or treating transgender patients, according to Politico.”

Full story at The Hill, image from (trump administration, white house, abortions, hhs) – 1/17/18

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Trump raises the thermostat for geothermal energy

Pictured: Geothermal power plants are one of the few renewable energy resources, outside of hydroelectric dams, that can provide a constant source of 24-hour-a-day electricity without interruption, known as baseload power.

ㅤ”The Trump administration is brainstorming ideas that could help the industry, particularly in expanding its use eastward, where geothermal is more difficult to tap because there is less volcanic activity than in the Pacific Ring of Fire.”

Full story at The Washington Examiner, image from (trump administration, white house, geothermal, geothermal power) – 1/16/18

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Refugee Admissions Plummet to 1,242 in First Month of FY 2018

ㅤ”Of particular note is the precipitous drop in the number of refugees admitted from the seven countries whose citizens were temporarily banned from traveling to the United States under the first travel ban, Executive Order 13679, issued by President Trump on January 27, 2017.
ㅤIn October 2017, the first month of FY 2018, only 275 refugees from these seven countries — Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudian, Syria, and Yemen — were admitted to the United States under the Refugee Admissions Program.
ㅤIn contrast, in October 2016, the first month of FY 2017, a total of 4,581 refugees from these seven countries were admitted into the United States under the Refugee Admissions Program (1,352 from Somalia, 1,323 from Iraq, 1,297 from Syria, 414 from Iran, and none from either Libya or Yemen.).”

Full story at Breitbart, image from reuters(.com) • amnesty, asylum seekers, extreme vetting, national-security, refugees, rex tillerson, state department, travel ban, trump administration, vetting, white house • Go here to reblog this post (browser only).

White House on lockdown, suspect is in custody

ㅤ”The White House is on lockdown and one person is in custody Friday morning after reports of ‘suspicious activity’ along the North fence line of the 18-acre complex. The U.S. Secret Service tweeted: ‘Subject is in custody.’
ㅤPennsylvania Ave. and Lafayette Park are also closed to pedestrians near the White House. Reporters and staffers are instructed not to leave the White House while the investigation is ongoing.”

Full story at The Washington Examiner, image from washingtonexaminer(.com) • donald trump, potus, president, secret service, trump administration, white house • Go here to reblog this post (browser only).