Trump administration will rescind temporary protected status for 200,000 El Salvadorians: Report

ㅤ”‘Officials in the Trump administration say the only criteria the government should consider is whether the original reason for the designation — in this case, damage from the earthquakes — still exists. The homeland security secretary decided that enough of the damage had been repaired 17 years later, and so the protections should end,’ DHS said in a statement.”

Full story at The Washington Examiner, image from (trump administration, white house, el salvador, tps, kirstjen nielsen, nielsen, dhs) 1/8/18


DHS ends provisional residency status for Nicaraguans, holds off for Hondurans

ㅤ”The Department of Homeland Security is terminating immigration benefits for 2,500 Nicaraguans who were allowed to work in the U.S. under a provisional residency known as ‘Temporary Protected Status,’ but is holding off to decide the future of the program for 57,000 Hondurans.”

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