New Details Emerge About Investigation Into Trump's Lawyer

Pictured: Michael Cohen

ㅤ"ABC News reports [4/13/18]: ‘Federal prosecutors say Trump attorney Michael Cohen is under criminal investigation focused on his personal business dealings; the investigation is independent of the Mueller probe.’"

ㅤô¿ô …This disclosure is nearly a week old. ABC and the Daily Wire show their incompetence.

Full story…at The Daily Wire, image from dailywire(.com) – 4/13/18. Tags: michael cohen, mueller. 𑗉

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FBI raids Trump lawyer’s office

FBI RAIDS TRUMP LAWYER’S OFFICEp09article170852wp.jpg

ㅤ”The FBI on Monday raided the office of President Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, and seized emails, tax documents and records related to his payment to adult-film star Stormy Daniels.
ㅤCohen’s lawyer, Stephen Ryan, said in a statement that federal prosecutors in Manhattan obtained a search warrant after receiving a referral ‘in part’ from special counsel Robert Mueller. Ryan called the search ‘completely inappropriate and unnecessary.’
ㅤThe New York Times reported that the payment to Daniels is just one of ‘many topics’ being looked at by the FBI.
ㅤOther seized documents include business records and communications between Cohen and Trump, but the raid does not appear to be directly connected to Mueller’s probe of Russian meddling in the 2016 election, according to The Times.”

Full story and video…at The Hill, image from thehill(.com) – 4/9/18. Tags: michael cohen, stephen ryan, stormy daniels. 𑗉

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Attorney for porn star seeks to depose Trump on payment


ㅤ”As precedent, the motion references the fact that former President Bill Clinton was deposed while in office in 1998 during the Paula Jones sexual harassment suit. That came after the Supreme Court ruled that a sitting President was not immune from civil litigation on something that happened before taking office and was unrelated to the office.
ㅤJones’ case was dismissed by a judge, then appealed. The appeal was still pending when Clinton agreed to pay $850,000 to Jones to settle the case. He did not admit wrongdoing.”

Full story at The Washington Times, image from pinterest(.com) – 3/28/18. Tags: michael avenatti, michael cohen, stormy daniels. 𑗉

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