Berkeley College Republicans Held a Vigil for Kate Steinle — Protesters Disrupt Speech, Trash Poster

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Wall Supporters, Left-Wing Activists Clash at Border Rally

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Jerry Brown: Expect to see Southern California burn up because of climate change

ㅤô¿ô …The wildfires are concentrated around Los Angeles. Not actually in Los Angeles. Why, you ask? Because the city is all concrete and pavement, keeping the city safe from fires. But these materials reflect heat from the sun back into the atmosphere, and the heat makes its way to the outskirts of the city.
ㅤOther big cities around the world are going to experience the same effect. The good news is that the liberal socialists who dominate the big cities will suffer most from climate change. Bring it on!

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Politico: Jerry Brown, President of the Independent Republic of California

ㅤô¿ô …The USA tolerating California is like being parents of a teenager who has become a drug addict. The only time the teenager comes to you is when they need money to feed their addiction. And if you don’t give them money, they steal it.
ㅤWhen the parents have exhausted all compassionate ways to help their child, they are forced to dish out tough love. It’s not unheard of to kick the teenager out of house and dump them on the streets with nothing.
ㅤIf the teenager still refuses to recover from their illness, then the parents might as well profit from the nightmare and sell the teenager to sex traffickers.

ㅤIt’s time to sell California to Mexico.

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Jerry Brown Warns California Republicans Not to Vote for Tax Reform

ㅤ”Brown is primarily concerned with Trump’s proposed repeal of the state and local tax (SALT) deduction, which would provide $1.8 trillion in revenue that could be used to grant tax cuts in other areas.
ㅤWealthier taxpayers in high-tax states, which tend to be governed by Democrats, use the SALT deduction to lower their overall federal tax liability. As a result, state lawmakers and local officials who raise taxes to fund additional spending are somewhat insulated from the political consequences of doing so, since voters can shift the burden of higher taxes to federal taxpayers elsewhere.”

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State and Local Tax Deduction May Be Road Block to Tax Reform

ㅤ”Republicans from high-tax, Democrat states may create a roadblock in tax reform through their opposition to the repeal of the state and local tax (SALT) deduction as Republicans remain desperate to pass a significant piece of legislation before the 2018 midterm elections.”

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Judge denies emergency order to force continued Obamacare subsidy payments

Judge Vince Chhabria

ㅤ”U.S. District Court Judge Vince Chhabria ruled Wednesday against an emergency order to require that the payments continue to be made while a lawsuit filed by 18 states and the District of Columbia over the so-called cost-sharing reduction payments works its way through the courts.”

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