Rep. Gutiérrez: Republicans Want to End Legal Immigration to the US


ㅤô¿ô …All nations have adopted isolationist policies at some times in their history, when it was deemed necessary. More and more Americans, of all ethnicities, are becoming convinced that for America, one of those times is now.

ㅤI’m sick and tired of politicians’ doomsday rhetoric !!

Full story at The Independent Journal Review, image from (tags border patrol, border security, border wall, dhs, diversity visa, green cards, h1b, illegal aliens, illegal immigrants, immigration, immigration reform, national security, visas) – 1/21/18

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DHS reaches new milestone for Trump’s border wall


ㅤ”Department of Homeland Security officials are close to wrapping up the testing and evaluation phase for the eight border wall prototypes that were constructed in San Diego, Calif., two senior DHS officials confirmed Friday.”

Full story at The Washington Examiner, image from (tags border patrol, border security, border wall, dhs, national security) – 1/21/18

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Gutierrez ready to give in on border wall


ㅤ”Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) said Saturday that he’s ready to give President Trump his signature border wall if the Republicans will agree to new legal protections for the Dreamers. Furthermore, he said he’d help with the construction.
ㅤ’I’ll take a bucket, take bricks, and start building it myself,’ Gutierrez told reporters in the Capitol. ‘We will dirty our hands in order for the Dreamers to have a clean future in America.’
ㅤThe comments constitute a remarkable concession from the Chicago Democrat, among Capitol Hill’s most vocal immigration reform advocates and fiercest opponents of expanding wall construction at the U.S.-Mexico border.”

Full story at The Hill, image from (tags border patrol, border security, border wall, daca, dhs, dreamers, national security, luis gutierrez, gutierrez) – 1/20/18

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Appeals courts block access to DACA cancellation files

ㅤ”The New York-based 2nd Circuit and the San Francisco-based 9th Circuit both issued stays Tuesday putting on hold orders by district court judges who had directed the Justice Department and the Department of Homeland Security to give challengers more records about information and advice considered in making the decision announced last month to wind down the Obama-era initiative known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals or DACA.”

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It is opioids week? Why an emergency declaration matters

ㅤ”We need emergency supplemental funding to actually address the issue,’ said Tannaz Rasouli, senior director of public policy and strategic outreach at the Association of American Medical Colleges.”

ㅤô¿ô …If their solution is to throw more money at programs that have never worked, then screw them. Build the wall.

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The 8 prototypes for Trump’s border wall (Photos)

ㅤ”When the 30-day construction period ends next week, U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials will begin testing each prototype for the unit’s ability to prevent climbing, tunnelling, and destruction.”

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OC Sheriff: California’s ‘Sanctuary State’ Bill Is About ‘Sticking it to Trump’

Story at Breitbart, image from
ㅤ”So this bill would prohibit me as a sheriff from notifying ICE of someone who’s in custody for potential felony driving under the influence, domestic violence, human trafficking, rape of an unconscious person. I would not be able to notify them [ICE]. They would be released to the street. And then what will happen is ICE will go out — they’re not going to let these people go — they’re gonna go out and do search warrants on homes. And then people who are here illegally or undocumented, and have not committed crimes, they’re going to get scooped up too.” — Orange County (OC) Sheriff Sandra Hutchins

Conservative Groups Slam ‘Misguided’ Bill Allowing Sessions To Criminalize More Drugs

[Story at The Daily Caller, image from]

ㅤThis illustrates the problems within the GOP itself. The ideology of some conservatives makes them ignore and corrupt the facts:
ㅤ1) Lawlessness of any kind is public enemy #1.
ㅤ2) They cite disputed theories about drug addiction that can’t be proven.
ㅤ3) It’s likely that heroin use has increased since 1980 because we have not implemented necessary measures to prevent the flow of drugs into the U.S.
ㅤ4) Drug traffickers have continued to grow smarter in bypassing what little effective prevention that currently exists.
ㅤ5) The growth of heroin use and death from overdose has skyrocketed since decriminalization began.
ㅤ6) As tougher immigratation law has slowed the inflow of illegal immigrants, tougher drug enforcement will likely slow the spread of the drug use.
ㅤ7) As nothing else has been truly effective for the last 35 years, law enforcement believes a border wall may be the only cure for America’s opioid epidemic.

To summarize, shut the F’ up and build the border wall !!