Supreme Court allows Trump administration to enforce travel ban while case proceeds

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ㅤ”The Supreme Court declined the Justice Department’s request for clarification on what ‘bona fide relationship’ means in their order on President Trump’s travel ban on June 26, but blocked a judge’s move to allow in refugees who are working with resettlement agencies.”

President Trump and America Win !!

AG Jeff Sessions Goes Directly to Supreme Court for Clarification of Travel Ban Ruling

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ㅤ”By going directly to the Supreme Court for clarification, Sessions outmaneuvered both Watson, the federal judge in Hawaii, and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, which had given Watson a ‘roadmap’ for his July 13 decision when it ruled earlier this month against his previous decision that requested clarification from the Supreme Court.”


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“It is often reported from most recent various sources in 2010, including the German domestic intelligence service, that Salafism [ultra-conservatism] is the fastest-growing Islamic movement in the world” — Wikipedia

How the White House plans to implement its limited travel ban

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It is NOT a “limited travel ban.” It is a travel ban with initial requirements for vetting. Determining requirements for vetting is why Trump wanted the ban in the first place.

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Frank Gaffney: Governments Have Been Appeasing Jihadists, Not Resisting Them


“Gaffney said the spate of Ramadan terrorist attacks was ‘simply the outcropping of what has been cultivated for a long time’ in Old European nations where ‘they have been indulging in a sort of multiculturalist fantasy, or they’ve been trying to deal with hard demographic realities by accommodating large numbers of people making what is, in the Muslim tradition, called ‘hijrah’ – a kind of colonization, invasion if you will, migration in large numbers.'”

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