Uh Oh… CFPB Suffered More Than 1,000 Data Breaches

UH OH… CFPB SUFFERED MORE THAN 1,000 DATA BREACHESㅤp12article165924wp.jpg
Pictured: The Democrats’ incompetent Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), another "legacy" of the Obama era.

ㅤ"Cordray and Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts both embraced the idea of launching a mammoth data mining collection program at CFPB that focused on America’s consumers. They admitted to Congress in 2014 they were in the process of collecting 991 million American credit card accounts and accumulate 95 percent of the 53 million residential mortgages taken out since 1998.
ㅤWarren helped to shape a new economic theory called ‘behavioral economics’ while at Harvard that led to the use of big data by government for research purposes. Her practice relied on massive uses of consumer data and she encouraged its application at the CFPB."

Full story…at The Daily Caller, image from operationhope(.org) – 4/12/18. Tags: cfpb, elizabeth warren, richard cordray. 𑗉

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