Criminals targeted Arizona voter database, not Russia, administration source tells Reuters


ㅤ”A source in the Trump administration said Russia did not carry out a hack on an Arizona county’s election system during the 2016 campaign, Reuters reported Sunday.
ㅤThe administration official told the news outlet that criminals conducted the attack ahead of the 2016 election. That official’s comment was in response to a CBS News ’60 Minutes’ story on Russia’s computer hacking before the 2016 Presidential election, Reuters said.
ㅤThe Department of Homeland Security in a prior analysis concluded that Russia had hacked several election systems, including the one in Arizona.
ㅤReuters noted that in 2016 it reported on the FBI identifying Russian hacks of systems in Illinois and Arizona.
ㅤU.S. officials have publicly said that Russian hackers had probed at least 21 state election systems and that a few networks may have been compromised, but the administration official said media reports were relying on outdated information and the hack on the Arizona system was not done by the Russian government, according to Reuters.”

Full story…at The Hill, image from thehill(.com) – 4/9/18. Tags: russia collusion, russia interference, conservative, politics. 𑗉

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