Employee of liberal activist group charged with assaulting Zinke staffer

Pictured: Zinke’s spokeswoman, Heather Swift

ㅤ”An operative for American Bridge 21st Century, a pro-Democrat political action committee, has been charged with assaulting a staffer working for Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, according to the Associated Press.
ㅤWilfred Stark was charged with simple assault after he allegedly approached Zinke, yelling at him, outside of a hearing. Stark then ‘used his full body to push’ Zinke’s spokeswoman, Heather Swift, as she moved to leave the room, according to the police report cited by the AP.
ㅤ’He is a big guy. He came up behind me fast, aggressive and very physical,’ Swift said in a statement to the AP on Monday, calling the encounter ‘terrifying.’
‘Who knows what this lunatic was thinking?’
ㅤ’But being physically targeted and assaulted brings it to another level,’ she continued. ‘This violent action only strengthens my desire to serve my President and my country.’
ㅤ’Democrats claim to support women but they allow their operatives to assault women,’ Swift said. ‘They need to immediately denounce this type of violent behavior.'”

Full story at The Hill, image from dailycaller(.com) – 3/20/18. Tags: heather swift, conservative, politics. 𑗉

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