Horowitz: How Progressives Use Race as a Weapon Against Our Country


ㅤ”The empowering inspiration that created American civilization is inscribed in the certificate of its birth. The Declaration of Independence is a proclamation of the equality of individuals, whatever their race, creed or origin, and it asserts their inalienable right to liberty. This statement of national principles is unprecedented in the five thousand years of previous human history.
ㅤMost important is the American Founding’s view of its citizens as individuals, rather than defined by memberships in racial, ethnic, and gender groups. For this reason, the words ‘white,’ ‘black’ ‘male’ ‘female’ ‘slave’ do not appear in the Constitution. The guarantee of individual rights to equality and liberty is the inspiration that created the culture and country that led the world in abolishing slavery, made Americans the decisive force for freedom in three global wars, and established a society that today is rivalled by no other in its inclusiveness, tolerance and freedom. It is America’s founding principles and their practice that has caused this nation to be hailed as a ‘beacon of freedom’ for the entire world, and that led its greatest President to call it, ‘the last best hope of mankind.’
ㅤOne might expect the election of America’s first black President to mark a culminating point in this remarkable, unique legacy – particularly since white Americans made up 56% of his winning coalition. In evaluating this statistic, bear in mind that there are no elected white Presidents of majority black countries, or Asian countries. But the presidency of Barack Obama did not lead to a celebration of America’s achievement in creating a successful multi-ethnic and multi-racial society. It led to greater racial and ethnic tensions. That is because Obama was a lifelong political leftist who openly rejected this view of American exceptionalism, equating it with ‘British exceptionalism’ and ‘Greek exceptionalism,’ in other words not exceptional all. Obama’s presidency did not lead to a celebration of America’s achievement in creating a successful multi-ethnic and multi-racial society because Obama is the leader of a political movement that is at war with America and its achievement.'”

Full story at Truth Revolt, image from wordpress(.com) – 2/9/18.ㅤTags: inclusiveness, tolerance, freedom, multi-ethnic, multi-racial.

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