After Pelosi Calls Tax Bill Bonuses Crumbs, CEO Giving Out Benefits Drops the Hammer

ㅤ”Waste Management CEO James Fish appeared on Fox Business to explain to Pelosi just how wrong she was for her comments in three key points.
ㅤFirst, he explained these are working people: ‘drivers, helpers on the back of trucks, recycle workers, landfill workers, customer service agents.’ An extra two grand in addition to the massive tax cuts is a big deal for them.
ㅤThen, he stated that ‘whatever benefits the economy benefits us.’ He went on, saying that ‘if we inject $68 million into the economy, it helps the economy, and that helps our business.’
ㅤHis last point was that the tax cuts and bonuses help them substantially to keep workers on board and lower their turnover rate.
ㅤ’From a shareholder standpoint, this is good for us because retention is always an issue for our company. It’s always an issue for companies that employ drivers and hourly employees like these, so this is good for us in terms of retention,’ he stated.'”

Full story at The Independent Journal Review, image from (nancy pelosi, pelosi, tax cuts, tax rates, tax reform, taxes, james fish) – 1/16/18

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