The U.S. Constitution Is Impossible to Amend

ㅤPictured: Retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens

ㅤ”The easiest way to see the problem is to observe that no serious political movements that seek constitutional amendment have existed in years. Amendment proposals today are symbolic; no one takes them seriously. The last constitutional amendment that kindled serious public debate was the Equal Rights Amendment in the 1970s. Asked recently what amendment she would make to the Constitution, that’s the one Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg chose.
ㅤBut it was Justice Antonin Scalia who gave the broader and better answer—amend the process of amendment, to make it easier. According to the Legal Times, ‘[Scalia] once calculated what percentage of the population could prevent an amendment to the Constitution and found it was less than 2 percent. ‘It ought to be hard, but not that hard,’ Scalia said.”

Full story at Slate, image from slate(.com) • constitution, article 5 ㅤ Home

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