Colin Kaepernick Has Finally Received a Job Offer to Play Quarterback — There’s Just One Problem

ㅤ”Since last season, Kaepernick has remained a free agent to the disappointment of his fans. Many have even made the claim that he is being blackballed, as he has reached out to all 32 teams begging for a job but has not been picked up.
ㅤNow, Kaepernick has finally received a job offer to play quarterback, but there’s just one problem — it’s not for a team in the NFL.
ㅤThe Richmond Roughriders, an indoor football team in the American Arena League, offered Kaepernick a spot on their roster after rapper Jim Jones purchased a large stake in the team.”

Full story at The Independent Journal Review, image from ijr(.com) • anthem protests, kaepernick, colin kaepernick, roughriders ㅤ Home

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