Dow Jones drops 300 points on news that Flynn charged in Mueller probe

ㅤPictured: The front entrance of the NBC Tower in Chicago.

ㅤ”The Dow Jones plummeted by more than 300 points.”

ㅤô¿ô …300 points is 1% and as of now the DJIA has recovered for a loss of only 0.5%. The media always makes a normal stock market drop a catastrophy.
ㅤThe honest explanation for the drop is that stock prices have increased so much that Wall Street is expecting a correction. Regardless of the significance of an event, the event may trigger a correction.
ㅤIt’s unfortunate that the media exaggerates corrections. People need to invest for retirement and the media scares them off.

Full story at NBC News, image from wikimedia(.org) • financial markets, stock market, wall street, flynn, michael flynn ㅤ Home

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