Conservatives See Donald Trump Reviving Constitutional Government

ㅤ”80 years of legislation and administrative actions that departed from the Constitution have never been reviewed by a conservative Supreme Court.
ㅤDuring these many years, most of the fights over liberty have been about the meaning and scope of enumerated rights in the Constitution, such as free speech, religious liberty, and the Second Amendment, rather than the enumerated powers in the Constitution, the specific authorities that government properly wields, and the limits to those powers.
ㅤNow a revolution in America’s form of government is underway. The jury is still out on whether conservativism can overcome establishment forces among congressional Republicans and in administrative agencies, but even if it does not, President Trump’s judicial appointments are creating the most conservative federal bench in decades, which in some cases may trump the elected branches.”

Full story at Breitbart, image from breitbart(.com) • donald trump, justices, potus, president, scotus, supreme court, trump

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