Hillary Clinton: White Nationalists ‘Probably’ Make Up Less than .15% of U.S. Population

ㅤPictured: The most common street heroin, Mexican Mud.

ㅤô¿ô …The percentage is likely to rise. Most of those who are labeled Supremacists are concerned about survival of European-Americans. Not supremacy. Because while the hopes of non-White kids are on the rise, the hopes of White kids are in decline, especially among middle-income kids who can no longer afford college.
ㅤThe rise in alcoholism, drug overdoses and suicides is primarily happening among these hopeless middle-income White kids.
ㅤMore and more Whites will become fearful of their decendants’ future and accept being labeled Supremacists. Only in their hearts do they know they are not.

Full story at Breitbart, image from wikimedia(.org) • clinton, crooked hillary, drug cartels, drugs, heroin, heroin epidemic, hillary clinton, mexican cartels, opioid crisis, opioid epidemic, opioids

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