Young Mother Who Converted to Islam Murdered in Hammer Attack After Going Back to Western Lifestyle

ㅤPictured: Sinead Wooding

ㅤ”Akshar Ali hit Sinead Wooding with a hammer and stabbed her repeatedly, before dumping her in the woods and then torching the mother-of-four’s body, Prosecutor Nicholas Campbell QC told Leeds Crown Court.
ㅤMs Wooding was in the process of converting to Islam and changed her name to Zakirah when she met Mr Ali, 27, who worked on a food stall at Leeds indoor market, according to the Times.
ㅤThe pair were married at an Islamic ceremony in early 2015, but the jury heard their relationship was ‘volatile’ and violent at times, with arguments over 26-year-old Wooding continued visits to family and friends her husband had ‘forbidden’ her from seeing.” More details follow…

Full story at Breitbart, image from breitbart(.com) • isis, islam, islamic state, islamist, muslim, muslim brotherhood, radical islam, salafist, sharia law, akshar ali, sinead wooding, conservative, politics

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