Court-ordered deportations surge after Trump ends Obama-era delay tactics

ㅤ”‘The Obama administration utilized a mechanism called administrative closure to remove the immediate threat of deportation by putting an immigrant into a state of legal limbo. Although still subject to the immigration court’s jurisdiction, an immigrant facing deportation would no longer have to be concerned about having their case scheduled for a hearing. In sum, their case was put on the back burner of the stove, with the burner turned off,’ Matthew Kolken, an immigration lawyer, said.
ㅤ’President Trump’s administration is now actively moving those cases back to the front burner of the stove and turning the heat back on so that deportation hearings may be scheduled for those who received a temporary reprieve,’ Kolken said.”

Full story at The Washington Examiner, image from washingtonexaminer(.com) • illegal aliens, illegal immigrants, immigration, immigration reform, obama administration, obama years, obama-era, conservative, politics

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