Trump calls for an end to violence in Charlottesville and blames ‘many sides’ ㅤ……

Story at The Washington Examiner, image from usmagazine•com.

ㅤThere are only two sides to this violence. There are the parents. And there are the children. Parents have been slowly destroying their own children for decades.
ㅤFirst we began putting our country in so much debt that it seems hopelees the country will ever get out of debt. And all the responsibility for getting out of debt we have placed on the shoulders of our children.
ㅤThen college tuition skyrocketing so our children can’t afford the education required to succeed in the USA. Their parents can’t help them. The parents have decided that home ownership is the most important goal, some insisting on buying a home that is well beyond their means. The parents also require a BMW and a Lexus parked in driveway.
ㅤThen massive immigration eliminating jobs that would otherwise would be available to our children. The kids are just now becoming aware of how globalism and immigration have left them TOTALLY screwed.
ㅤDo you blame our children for seeking happiness in alcohol and drugs? Can you blame our kids for thinking the only solution to the hopelessness is suicide?
ㅤDo you blame the kids for marching through the streets screaming “you will not replace us?”

ㅤUnderstand this once and for all, dear parents:

ㅤㅤㅤThis is all YOUR fault !!!

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